The Cure AVN Foundation

Advancing Regenerative and Biologic Solutions for Avascular Necrosis

Turning an Orphan Disease into a “launchpad condition” for breakthrough and innovation





To Regenerate hips not Replace them

One bone building breakthrough at a time

Turning hope into action and novel protocols with
cutting-edge science and determined advocacy

Transforming pain into progress and frustration into the foundation for the future in biologic technology

AVN can happen to anyone

Imagine waking up and realizing suddenly that all you love to do is taken away.

Dance, yoga, running, football, sport taken away… overnight

The ability to move freely and live without crippling pain taken away… overnight

To you, your children, your loved ones… overnight

By a disease that cripples your joints and comes without any warning

Most are told there is no solution or cure.

Many face doctors who shrug their shoulders and say the only remedy is a life dependent on a metal implant that will inevitably limit all you can do…and will have to be replaced multiple times.

It is called the epitome of good care… but we don’t believe that is the only way.

Instead of accepting there are no solutions or answers.

We are fighting back with the power of patient determination and cutting-edge science.

The Cure AVN Foundation views this rare disease as an opportunity in disguise

because solving for the complex disease AVN will birth the regenerative technologies that will change the landscape of orthopedic care.

The Cure AVN Foundation does not accept defeat or the status quo

Instead, it invites and hunts for revolutionary researchers and doctors wiling to think out-of-the-box of traditional hip implants.
It hunts for those who believe in the promise of tissue engineering and the power of the body to heal given the right biological conditions.

Make A Difference

Work with forward thinking scientists, doctors, and researchers in biologic regenerative medicine and bio-technology to confront this orphan disease and pave a pathway for a quantum leaps forwards in orthopedics.

For too long people have lived with the isolation, suffering, and acquiescence to the idea that there are no answers.

We are changing all of that.

Here at Cure AVN we invite surgeons, doctors, researchers, and scientists to be excited and inspired by our commitment to combine advances in tissue engineering, biologic, regenerative technique forward in thinking, and bold thinking to eschew tradition, stigma, lethargy, and status quo to help find a new way.

Put an end to the pain and courageously transform the status quo approaches of metal and ceramic implants that fall short of promise, with shrugged shoulders.

Research. Donate. Advocate.

Crucial Collaboration

Critical Breakthroughs

Cutting Edge Science

Our Motto

“Create the Cure when there was none”

We are giving HOPE while

finding, fueling, and funding INNOVATION

Because movement is life