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What We Do

We are replacing replacements with an exciting new realm of alternatives that combine the most elite science with the body’s innate intelligence and ability to heal.

Our ultimate vision is a world where no one is forced to have a metal or ceramic joint replacement that limits function or creates dependency, because we have uncovered protocols, therapies, and strategies for prevention and total biologic repair.

Our hunt is for sophisticated and specific advances in regenerative medicine, stem cell science, tissue engineering, and complimentary technologies that are on the frontier…  We create innovative support structures and collaborations that crack the mold and build pathways to rapidly create the cure where there was none.

Our commitment is to meaningful expansion and growth of a new era in personalized longevity based medicine, and we are confident that biologic restoration of AVN afflicted hips are a Launchpad and a door to a true revolution in Orthopedics.


Be part of the movement.